Back problems

Hello everyone!

Today we started with ballet at nine. Then we directly continued with pointe class until 11.45. After the lunch break, we had modern & then improvisation, finishing at four (how amazing is that?). 

During the lunch break, I went to the Physio for the third time. She booked me an appointment with the doctor, this Monday, at three o’clock. My back pain is not good at all right now. Literally everything I do hurts; just walking, sitting, standing, dancing, jumping, sleeping and so on. It may sound extremely exaggerated, but I am honestly speaking the truth. It is the worst thing ever, really. At least it’s good that I am going to see a doctor, I will probably have to do an MRI as well.

Although I have so much pain, I do full class anyway. Only skipping the biggest back bends & the grand allegro exercises- which is very sad, because I love those…

When school was finished, I basically went straight to the boarding house, to get as much time as possible, so I could finish my book. Which I did!

The evening has been spent talking to one of my best friends, she has the exact same back problems that I have- she’s the only one that truly understands the pain we both suffer from.

Now I will start reading another book, a swedish one. I am really looking froward to meet my grandpa this Tuesday, who comes to Zurich.

Good night!



2 thoughts on “Back problems

  1. Krya på dig Moa. Att ha ont i ryggen är fruktansvärt, jag vet. Blev opererad för diskbråck när jag var 22 år och sedan dess är jag i princip helt bra. Hoppas du snart blir av med din smärta.

    Roligt att läsa och se bilder från ditt äventyr i Schweitz, du är så modig och cool.

    Kramar från Hanna (Åsas kusin)


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