“I do the wrong things, for the right reasons” is one of the many great quotes from the book, written by Gregory David Roberts. 

Yesterday evening, I finished reading a very good book; Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts. I say just like the reviews on the front of the book- ‘A literary masterpiece… It has the grit and peace of a thriller’.  ‘Powerful and original… a remarkable achievement.’

This book was a bit more than 900 pages, a long one with other words. It isn’t what I typically read, although I can read anything, as long as the writer is good.

Shantaram is about an armed robber & heroin addict who escaped Australian prison, to India. There, he does not only live in a Bombay slum, learns to speak the languages, but he also joins the maffia, establish a free health clinic, works as a launderer, forger & street solider. A lot of things happen, all based on a true story of eight years in the Bombay underworld.

The book is not just a normal (boring), thick novel. It is amazing. You do not only get to read about incredible adventures, but it has also such great moral. You really learn things from reading the book. It is also very enjoyable to read about India, especially when I already know the country well. You will never find any other better descriptions of India, than in this book. This writer gets the exact details & structure of the country, in a way that I have never seen anyone else do.

I am sad to be finished with this great book, but at the same time happy to start reading a new one. I would really recommend you to read this book if you have any interest in India, or ever feel like reading a really good book. 


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