This week has gone by so so so fast, it really feels like it was Monday only yesterday… 

My day started, as always, at nine o’clock (we either start at 9.00 or 8.45 everyday). I was in school a bit before eight, to warmup. Ballet was our first class, then we continued with pointe work, short lunch break, then body conditioning, pas de deux & we finished with modern, 5.20.

The ballet classes are lots of fun, actually I really enjoy all the classes a lot. We are constantly building up the level higher & higher, in the ballet class. The teacher gets stricter & stricter everyday, she is very strict & focused on each and everyone- everything has to be perfectly done.

After school, I went by Migros with Luca, where I bought some milk, nuts, washing powder  for hand wash & chocolate & chips (aka life essentials). We were back at the internat at 7 pm. I had a really good time at dinner, with some people from my class. It is amazing how you really meet people from all over the world, there are extremely many differences ,as well as similarities, between the cultures and the way of living.

I will spend the rest of the evening reading, watching Suits & eating chocolate. Thank good it’s friday! 



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