Dorm life & room tour


For those who do not already know this, while I am now attending the Tanz Akadmie Zurich, I am currently living in a boarding house- an internat. Living in a house full of teenagers in your age, might not be the typical way of living, for some people. Here are some facts & info about life in this boarding house.

The boarding house is situated a bit outside Zurich, surrounded by pretty alps & green nature. You can easily go to & from school, by tram & train, which takes around 30-40 minutes. The house is quite big. It contains 10 apartments with around 3-5 people in each one of them. Every apartment has its own common kitchen,  2 toilettes, a table & sofa where you can hang out. There’s also a bigger common room, where you can find games such as billiard & the football game, to play with. The common room has books, movies & so on. The house has a little office, a kitchen & a dining room as well. There are also some rooms where the washing machines are. They serve us breakfast & dinner at the boarding house everyday. On Sundays we get a brunch, instead of getting both breakfast & lunch.

I share a flat with two other girls, both in my class. I am lucky to have a room of my own, since only one of the two beds in my room is being used. The other two girls share the room next to mine.

Living in a house full of teenagers, who all share a big passion; the dance, is very fun. You make friends super easily & I really like all these people I have met here. There are people from Italy, Portugal, Australia, France, Japan, Switzerland & so on. Worldwide.

The downside of living in a boarding house, is that you are literally with each other 24 hours of the day, 7 days out of 7. Although, the swiss people usually go home over the weekends. I am happy to be alone in my room, constantly being with someone can make you pretty tired.

One true fact about life in a dorm; you never know when someone will visit you. People come & go through your flat every now & then, asking questions, spending time with you etc. Although, everyone has to be in their own flats at 10, during the week days. If I am not spending my evenings reading, I usually drink tea with some others or hang out in another flat.

Overall, I find it very fun to live in a boarding house, especially since everyone here are dancers. It’s such a nice environment & you get to know each other well, & become like a family, when living like this. On top of it all, the house and the flats are really nice & fresh, and the food they give us is amazing.

Love the internat!


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