Saturday September 17th

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today I woke up at 6 in the morning. After spending some time in the bed on my phone, I got up, did my makeup, packed my bag, made my bed & did a bun- then I went up to have some breakfast. 2 sandwiches & fruit salad with porridge. I left the internat a bit after 7.

We had ballet class from 9- 10.30 & then we were done for the day. So nice! Me and some others went, after spending some more time in the studio, to McDonalds for some lunch. After that, we all went to Manor. George and I spent quite some time in the makeup section. We both ended up getting the Nyx Brow pencil, 10.90 francs. I got in the color Chocolate.

When we had gotten our makeup, we went back to the boarding house. I cleaned my room, face timed a few friends, took a shower & washed some things. Then me, Alyssia, George & Luca did the don’t spit challenge (when you keep lots of water in your mouth while watching funny videos- trying not to spit everywhere).

Now it is a bit after 6 o’clock, I will eat dinner at 7. Later, me & one of my best friends will facetime while watching a horror movie. Got to love technology! ❤ I might also make a short visit to Migros, for some snacks.

Enjoy the weekend! 


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