Warmup routine

My warmup routine for ballet, has been really requested. So here it is! This is what I am currently doing, I would like to do a bit more turnout exercises & those stuff, but it’s impossible with my back at the moment. The perfect amount of time for me when I warmup is one hour, I would say. I can definitely get totally warm and ready for class in 20-30 minutes though, if I don’t have more time. This is basically what I do everyday, sometimes less & sometimes more. 

I start by doing 100 crunches. Then I do slow sit up’s to really feel how the inner abdominos are working. I continue with Russian twists, leg dips, side lifts & some plank. I usually stretch a bit after these exercises & then continue with turnout things. After those, I do some back lifts. Only very low rises though, since it’s too heavy for my back to go all the way up, right now.

Before leaving the boarding house in the morning. I hang the terraband, an elastic band, on the hanger of my door. Then I do some arm strengthening exercises.

After abs, turnout and back, I do some things for my inner thighs, and start warming up the feet by doing en dehors & en dedans circles. I also do some releves.

When I am done with the strengthening part of my warmup, I start stretching. I do frog, the splits, over split, leg in the hand stretches, penché & so it continues.

And that’s it!


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