Fall spice tag 

1. Bath & bodyworks candles or Yankee candles? I would say that I prefer the bath & bodyworks candles the most.

2. Fav fall accessory? All my cozy sweaters, jumpers & joggers.

3. Uggs or moccasins? Uggs! Comfy & cute.

4. Fuzzy socks or knee socks? I really like both, but I would say that I prefer the fuzzy socks.

5. North Face or Columbia? North face!

6. Red or pink lips? Absolutely red lips, for quite obvious reasons. Although I prefer more darker colours in fall. Pink is for summer.

7. Favourite fall food? Hmmm… just all sorts of hot drinks I would say. Especially chai tea. But if I really have to choose something you eat, and not just drink, I chose

8. Winged eyeliner or bold eyeshadow? Definitely both! Not at the same time though. I love wearing bold eyeshadow just as much eyeliner.

9. Natural/ cold/ light or bold/ warm/ dark makeup? It depends on the situation really, where & when.

10. Apple pie or brownie? Mom’s apple pie, always.

11. Would you rather cook the food or eat it? Cook!


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