Today we started 8.45 & finished 6.30, with school. The only good thing about not dancing, is that I get a bit more time in the mornings. Other than that it’s very boring. 

Watching the dance classes can be quite interesting & fun, but it’s enough after some time. I really want to dance! Tomorrow I am seeing the doctor again, at 5pm. I’m sick of just sitting, watching class & writing corrections.

During the General knowledge class, we are currently working on doing reports, about Zurich. I’m almost finished with mine, just have to add some photos & then it’s done. The deadline is the 5th of October though.

I am right now watching the last episode of Stranger Things. Looking at that serie was a tip from George. Thanks George! By the way, he’s going to write an upcoming blogpost, could you comment suggestions on what you think he should write about? Thanks in advance!

I hope your day was a good one, good night!  ❤


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