Tomorrow is finally Friday! And you know what? My mom and oldest little sister are coming in exactly one week, hurray! 

This was such a boring day for me. I started watching the ballet class at 9am. Then it continued with pointe work, lunch, modern & improvisation- finishing at 4pm. As if I hadn’t been waiting long enough for this day to be finish already, my appointment with the doctor was at 5. I spent the hour watching the younger students dancing & I also read my book. 


What I have is probably something called Spondylolysis. The doctor is almost 100% sure about this, but still want me to do an MRI. Spondylolysis is a “bony defect or fracture within the pars interarticularis of the vertebral arch in the spinal column.” (To be seen in the photos above). When my mom comes (which I look so much forward to) we will have another appointment with the doctor together. There, we will plan on how to go on. When I asked the doctor if it would ever go away, her answer was no…  but it will be more or less painful. 

Since I am a person who totally dedicates my life to ballet & dance, the news that the pain in my back will never go away, are really bad. I will see how the results of working with physio as well as doing all the classes will be like. If I still have pain after many months, it may not be worth pushing my body this hard with this pain. The pain also holds me back, to really work hard & push myself, to everyday become better & better. 

Unlucky, am I not? 

Well, I am definitely doing all the dance classes tomorrow (too sick of watching class). On Saturday we have the open house, which I look forward to. 


6 thoughts on “Spondylolysis 

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