F R I D A Y  

Happy Friday everyone! 

Today I finally did all the classes again. The pain is still there though, just slightly slightly little better, not as intense as it was before. I did everything in class, only skipping the largest back bends.

We started at 9 & were finished by 5.25pm. The body conditioning class was cancelled though, so we had a 2 hours and 45 min break, between pointe class & duet. Alyssia & I went to Migros, to buy lunch and some other groceries, then we spent the rest of the hours eating, watching the boys’ class & just stretching, talking a bit.

Tomorrow there is, what they call, “Open doors“. We will start with ballet at 11 o’clock, the class is only 1 hour. Then we have a 15 min break, before the 45 min pas de deux class starts. After PDD, we finish with modern at 2 in the afternoon. All the taZ classes in the building will have open doors, anyone who’d like to can come and watch, however long they want.

At 9 this evening, at the internat, we celebrated two birthdays, that’s the reason for the cakes.

I wish you all a great weekend, & good luck to everyone at taZ who is participating on the open house tomorrow!

Good night


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