Open doors at taZ

Today we had open doors, at Tanz Akademie Zurich. As I have already told you, my class and I had ballet, pas de deux & modern. We finished at 2.30pm. 

I really enjoyed this day. We had quite many people watching our ballet class, a lot watching the duet & then only a few watching the modern class. It was quite sad to see that many students had their family/parents watching though, realizing that my family is literally on the other side of the world. I really look forward to Thursday, when I get to see my mom and sister! ❤

I shortly talked with Lou Spichtig when I was finished dancing. She reached out to me, through Instagram and has helped me with tips for my back injury, with doctors and stuff. Which I really appreciate! She’s an absolutely amazing dancer & super nice in person as well. (Hey Lou! If you’re reading 😉

I went from school around 3pm. I had lunch at Manor, where I also did a little bit of shopping. After strolling around town for awhile, I went back to the boarding house. I cleaned my room, washed some clothes & finished reading my book. I also made delicious toast with bananas & Nutella, with George- in his flat (the one under mine).

After dinner, Catarina and I quickly went to Manor for some errands, it closes at 8pm.

I am currently in bed, watching YouTube. Enjoy your weekend and have a nice evening! 


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