Summer’s back

Good evening everyone!
The fall weather wasn’t here to stay, today it has been very sunny, with no clouds on the sky & the temperature a bit over 20 degrees. Love it! 

I started this morning by eating a great brunch, Sunday is the Nutella day at the boarding house, and who doesn’t love Nutella…? Around midday, Catarina and I went into the city. Zurich, and overall Switzerland, is very boring on Sundays. Every single store is closed, except for the ones at the Main station. So that’s where we went. I bought two shirts for 25 francs, from a brand called Tally Weijl. They fit me very good & are perfect for the (hopefully) upcoming fall weather.

At Migros, I bought some groceries- Chai tea, Philadelphia cheese, snacks etc. After quite sometime strolling along the river, we went back to the boarding house.

The hours before dinner time, were spent outside- enjoying the nice weather. We played pingpong, the football game & so on. I also worked a bit on my Zurich Report, which we are currently doing in the General Knowledge class.

I will read the rest of the evening, and try to go to bed quite early, I’m so tired! 




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