Unbearable pain 

I am currently in bed, reading another book of mine. I had; and still have, extremely much pain in my back, the people at the school advised me to go back to the boarding house. 

As always, Mondays are not the best days ever. On our way to school we were all half asleep, listening to music & trying to survive the impulse of not going back to the Internat again. Exhausted. 

Today and tomorrow, we have physio body checks. Me, with two other girls from my class, we had our checks at 10.30 am, today. Which meant that we left earlier from the Music Theory, to warmup. We went to three different rooms where they basically checked our bodies from a physio perspective. How stable your body is, core muscles, turnout, strength, height of jumps and so on. 

I already had a lot of pain, from pushing the back too hard on the open doors on Saturday, but when doing the check it just got too intense. I wasn’t even prepared for it to be that painful, totally unbearable. I got permission to not dance today, they advised me to go to the internat & rest. 

I slowly made my way back to the boarding house, only stopped by Migros to buy some lunch & snacks- then I’ve been in bed ever since I got here. 

The only good news from today is: that I have an appointment booked on Thursday, at 10.00 am, for an MRI. I cannot wait to see my mom and sister on that day ❤ 

I am definitely hoping to do class tomorrow, I absolutely hate not being able to participate… 



3 thoughts on “Unbearable pain 

  1. Hi Mo, my name is Elsa and I am Catarina’s mother and started to read your blog Yesterday. I fell so sad for you! I can’t imagine how terrifying is for you this situacion! I can only say for you to follow the medical staff recomendations and to rest! I send Catarina some Homeophatic medicins to help strenght the bones in case you have a fracture in your spinal cord bone. You can ask it for you. Hope you get well very soon and be able to do what you most like! I am very touched with your feelings! Big hug and I am praying for you!


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