Finishing at 3.10

Good evening everyone!

This has been a pretty good day. I was not able to do full class though, not at all. I cannot lift my legs over 90, no jumps, turns, bends in any directions and so on… The back pain was too bad to do pas de deux class, which I then had to watch instead.

I honestly really hate my back at the moment. I just wish I wasn’t injured & could do class perfectly well without pain… Why didn’t I appreciate all the thousands of dance classes I have done in my life, without this pain?

Today the General Knowledge class was cancelled, which meant that we finished with English at 3.10 pm. How amazing? 

Me & some others had great fun, hanging out around the boarding house area. Actually it pretty much summer outside, so we really enjoyed the nice weather. George and I later spent 2 hours deep cleaning his & Luca’s flat. I can tell you it was more than needed. What would they do without me & my cleaning talents?

My mom and little sister are coming tomorrow morning, I cannot wait until I get to see them again. It has only been five weeks but it feels like I haven’t seen them in decades. ❤

I hope you all have had a very good day. Good night!


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