Happy Halloween ! 

Good evening everyone! 

Today we waved goodbye to Agra around 9 o’clock in the morning. A couple of hours later, 5 hours to be exact, we were in Delhi again. We stopped at a restaurant in a nice place called Lodi Garden, where we all had lunch. I ate a delicious quinoa salad.

After lunch, we drove another 50 minutes & we were finally back to Gurgaon & Magnolias again. Then I spent a bit more than an hour working out. Core, abdomen, legs, feet & arms. Tomorrow I’ll have physio from 9 to 11 in the morning. After my afternoon workout I showered & got ready; for trick or treating. 

My evening was spent trick or treating, as a cat, with a bunch of great people. We later on just overall hung out as well. I love how I have gotten really good friends here now, who I have a lot of fun with. Almost as if I don’t want to leave on Friday night. I am looking forward to meet my friends in Zurich a lot though, can’t wait for that! I’m also too excited to see my best friends in Sweden again, it has been many months abroad… 

I hope you all a had a great start of this new week. I also wish you a very happy Halloween with a lot of candy & good friends to spend the day with, 
Good night! 


Agra Adventures: Taj Mahal & Agra Fort 

Today we rise & shined a bit before six in the morning, we were off by seven & after a long, bumpy & hot car (minibus) ride- we finally made it to Agra by midday.

We all had a blast visiting one of the 7 wonders in the world: Taj Mahal. We’ve already travelled to Petra, in Jordan, which is another wonder in the world, which makes it 5 left. They are all on the bucket list though! 

Taj Mahal was absolutely incredible, it reminded me of how cool India actually is. I am blessed to experience so many things I would never do, if staying in calm Sweden for my whole life. We had a great guide who helped us a lot during the day, he showed us the wonderful building from outside & we also got to see the inside. It wasn’t allowed to take any photos inside though.

After spending some hours at Taj Mahal, we drove to Agra Fort, another incredible building. Cute moneys were climbing the walls of the fort. Exactly every single person, especially the indians, wanted photos of us & with us.We were almost feeling like real celebrities; the whole surrounding of people are taking photos on you. I guess it is because we are quite exotic looking, as always here in India.

Today it is Diwali. Ever since the sun went down & it got dark outside this evening, we’ve been hearing fireworks. After having dinner at the hotel we went outside to look at them all. They were amazing! So many of them. 

We are only staying overnight at this hotel. Tomorrow in the earlier morning we are driving back to Delhi again. I am not looking forward to get back to that pollution there. Apparently the air will be horrible because of all the fireworks… We’ll see how it all turns out.

Happy Diwali to everyone, I hope you all have had a nice weekend,
Good night! 


Back update: pain, physio, future

Recovering takes time, I am aware of it and I hate it. 

This past week I have been doing physio everyday, except Thursday. It differs a lot from week to week, how many times & for how long I do. We have gradually increased the amount of active exercises, I nearly only do active sessions right now, instead of the passive ones. Like core exercises, legs, gluteus & so on.

The pain has continued decreasing. Since I’ve started pushing my body more in physio, I had a reaction of that the other day, more pain & I got the feeling of it going back- towards having problems again. It made me super frustrated but I got explained to me that this is normal when starting training a bit harder, you sort of upset the area around the injury- then let it go down & then push it again, until it’s used to that. It’s  all in the process of healing. 

The other day, I got the though news from the ballet school in Zurich, that they will not take me back. They don’t need more girls for the H-class next year & they don’t want me since I’ve gotten this problem. The director was straight forward & honest. In my opinion, that’s rather harsh, but at the same time I totally understand his decision & what he’s saying. It is better getting everything clear the first time, than giving false hopes. The one & only positive thing about knowing that I won’t be able to go back to Zurich is, now I don’t have to get stressed about doing any auditions in March. I can fully put all my focus into healing, getting strong & doing rehab. Not having the stress of being able to do absolutely full class in only some months.

I still have my spot at the Royal Swedish Ballet school though. My future plan for next school year is now to go there. With a lot of hard work, determination, motivation & focus on minding my own business, I think it would be a good school for me. Now, all I have to do now is figuring out where to go after Christmas.

I have 2 options for the next semester. The first one is that I stay here, do the swedish academic high school on distance while doing physio & working a lot with my ballet friend here. I would have time to chose myself, how I want to plan my day with doing both studying & a lot of training. My ballet friend here really helps me with so many things, she could definitely help me getting a strong & healthy body. Because I have a good body, but it’s weak. It needs time & strength.

The second option would be to go back to Sweden. Attend an academic boarding school there while doing physio & ballet. The school could also help me finish the whole first school year, in only the second semester. Which means that I won’t be behind in the academics. There is still time & place to practice a lot.

I am in constant “not knowing what to do”- pain. Because it is hard being told you could never dance again, it is hard suddenly being in India with nothing but physio to do, it is hard not knowing whether to go to Sweden or stay in India. Sometimes everything just gets too much. Why me? Why now? Why this?
So it continues… holding back tears every now & then is definitely needed.

Take care!

Candy obsession & fun times

Good evening everyone ! (or shall I say good morning? It’s a bit after midnight here in India right now…)

I started this morning with an almost 2 hours workout, at my ballet friend’s house. We worked a bit (a lot) of everything. Legs, core, turnout muscles & so on, we really focused on the arms as well. I need my “not-so-strong” arms to gain some more muscles. After the workout, I got driven to the Ambience Mall– where I met up with my cousin, sister & our moms. I bought three shirts at a store called Iconic- from Vero Moda, Aeropostale & Calvin Klein.

Yesterday, my two cousins & their mom came to India. They just got their fall break & will spend the week here. It was very nice to meet them again. Our cousin had brought us a whole lot of swedish candy. Amazingly wonderful ❤

As for lunch, we had made reservations at the Leela Hotel. It has such an amazing range of different dishes & food you can get. Their sushi is amazing & they even have meat. Everyone is in love with their macaroons as well. Love food!

The evening was spent with a bunch of friends here where we live. I had such a great time with them all. I have started liking India more & more right now. When I’ve made great friends & have a lot more fun than before.

Tomorrow it is Diwali. We are doing a little trip which I will tell you more about later. One thing that I can tell you is that we, on Monday, will see one of the seven wonders in the world. Exciting!

I hope you all are enjoying weekend. Have a great night and a good Sunday!

Perks of living in India

Dogs running along the streets, cows blocking the roads, dirty babies playing besides the crazy traffic, guinea pigs eating the garbage & beggars desperately knocking the windows in the endless car queues. A typical scene happening when living in Delhi, India. 

India is different. You will never fully understand this city, especially if you haven’t been here. I am probably now giving you a lot of things to think about.

I don’t think anyone has missed the fact that India’s population is huge. Right? Then there is a difference between huge & huge, and India’s population is huge. And you know what, you can feel it. As soon as you put your foot into the actual country you can feel it. You probably know what European Union is? Take the number of people in that union, together with France, Spain, china, Russia & more, that’s how big India’s population is. Fascinating, isn’t it? 

The Indian people has there special way to communicate. If you ask them a favour, they do not only answer with “yes ma’m”. They also nod there heads in a certain way, rapidly tilting it to the sides a few times.

Delhi is the city with the worst air in the world, during the months it gets colder. Right now, it’s quite hot here- the temperature stays around 30 Celsius degrees. When the Christmas months are coming, the temperature goes down to as cold as 10 degrees. Everyone starts heating up their houses, which makes the pollution go very bad. You cannot be outside & if you are, you most likely have to wear these masks, to keep safe from the bad air outside. We have several air cleaners in each and every room, that is a must. We also have a little egg shaped thing, which tells us the exact number of how bad the air is.

The colder months haven’t started yet, but the air has still been bad this week. Not as bad as if we would have to wear the masks, but every time you went outside it had a certain smell. The air felt thicker.

It is hard living with the huge paradoxes & differences between the population here. Very hard. Outside, people are not only sleeping on the streets- they are LIVING on the streets. It’s worse than in the slums, because in the slums you still have some sort of connection and a feeling of being together, a community. On the streets, all you have is a blanket. No education, no money, no house, no anything. Should I give the children, desperately knocking the car windows, food, money, water or anything at all? If I give one, everyone wants it. Should I just ignore it then? No one knows…

When people ask me how I like it in India, my answers tend be “Well, it’s very interesting.” That’s not a lie. It IS very interesting living, it really is. Honestly I have a hate- love relationship with this country.

I love it for being A LOT of everything. I love it for being completely different to what I’m used to. I love it for being a wonderful country. I love how many amazing new people you meet, from all over the world. I hate it for the endless car queues. I hate it for being the city with the worst air in the world. I hate it when you have to block the way when standing in a queue, because the Indians wouldn’t mind taking your spot. I hate it how they always spit everywhere. I hate how you aren’t as free to go & do whatever, wherever you want. The list could go on, both with positive & less positive things.

Another reason for me not really liking it here at moment, is not really because of the country itself. More because of the actual situation I am in.
I want to work. I want to be with my friends. I want to be able to dance. I want to have class. I want to push my body and see progress of hard work. I just want to dance, dance & dance AND go to school. I want to study & learn & develop. I can’t do either of the things mentioned right now.

Recovering takes time, I am aware of it and I hate it. 

I love travelling. I really do. Not many people get to travel to India, even less get to actually LIVE here. I am thankful for this experience & everything moving here has teached me.

Diwali decorations & lost physio thoughts 

Good evening everyone! 

Today I woke up to the smell of the pollution, something you would (I HOPE) never do in Sweden… When the wind is coming later in the day, the air gets thinner & better. Sometimes I really don’t realise how big of a difference it is, living in Delhi compared to living in Stockholm, Europe. I’ll post a blogpost in some days, regarding the differences between such countries. 

You can really tell that Diwali is coming up in the near future. It’s obvious that it is the ‘celebration of light’, everyone puts up the decoration lights everywhere, on everything. Balconies, houses, traffic signs, trees, you name it. It’s a pretty sight though, especially in the dark. I’m quite happy about not being in Sweden during the dark & cold days. I do miss the crispy fall feeling, but I kind of prefer being in a hot country with a temperature a bit over 30 degrees. The nice fall feeling tends to only last for a couple of days, then summer would be perfect again. Although the winter times are coming up sooner or later in India, the temperature will stay around 10 degrees and with a horrible pollution.

Today I was planning on going to physio, from 10- 12. All the way until I checked the schedule 5 minutes before I was supposed to leave, and realised I do not have any sessions scheduled for today. Well, well… Good thing I realised before going there instead of after– a 2 hours car drive for nothing would be terrible. Anyways, I stayed in my room, working our, reading, writing, the whole morning until it was time for lunch, then I went to my ballet friend’s house.

The only downside of having a maid, who does all the cleaning, cooking & so on, is that you are never really alone. It’s always someone there. During the days, when everyone else is at work or in school, I go into my room and lock the door, then I usually workout. Although, I’m honestly not home that much. I’m either at physio, at my ballet friend’s house or in school. It’s strange how I can be in school all day, having several academic classes as well as dance classes. Then I get here, having no school to do, & the days feel shorter than ever…

After our workout, we got ready and then head to school. At school, we met all the children in middle school, coming back from their WOW- trips (Week withOut Walls). Her son & my mom & sister were all exhausted & tired. They have had great fun though. Sadly, some of the tents they’ve lived in, had bed bugs (euw), you do NOT want to get that in your house. They’ll be really careful with getting the things in to the apartment, washing it all & then putting it in the freezer.

My cousins are arriving in Delhi tomorrow morning. I look forward to seeing them. I’m probably spending my evening with some friends. Watching movies & just hanging out are always fun.

Tomorrow’s Friday!! Middle school are having the day off, my oldest sister will therefor be free. On Monday it’s a holiday, which means that we have a long weekend ahead of us. I have 2 hours physio planned for tomorrow, I might also hopefully workout with my friend on Saturday morning.

Enjoy your evening!

The Nutcracker: (Bolshoi) Ballet in Delhi 

Good evening everyone & happy midweek! Is it already Wednesday? Where did the other days go…? 

Yesterday, my ballet friend brought me along to see the Bolshoi ballet’s performance of the Nutcracker, in Delhi. Yes, you read it all correct. Ballet in Indiareal ballet. ❤ We went with two other families, both Russian, & it was by their invitations that we got the great possibility to see the performance. Everything was hosted by the Russian embassy & held in a huge auditorium.

To be honest, bolshoi is a company with 200 dancers & when sending people abroad, it may not the top dancers. Therefor, my expectations weren’t that high. Actually, all the dancers were good. Some were very good & some were good. The main role though, was stunning. Such a beautiful upper body & overall a great dancer: Diana Kosyreva. The male dancers was Andrey Bolotin. 

Since I was a soldier in the Swedish version, of the Nutcracker, performed at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm- the music brought back a whole lot of memories to me. Watching the performance, over & over again, in the end resulted in learning almost the whole choreography. I had such a great time last christmas, almost never being school: just spending the days in the opera house.

I am very greatful & happy to have seen this performance. Especially since it’s another version from what I’ve seen before & I am also very pleased to watch some ballet again. It really made we wanting to dance, as if I didn’t want it enough already…. When comparing the Swedish version to this one, I must say I really enjoy both but, the Swedish Nutcracker is a bit more fun.

The performance started at 6.30 in the evening, since we are in India- the curtains opened and the music started playing around 7ish. I can tell you one thing; India is never on time. The first act was 45 minutes, then there was a 20 minutes break which was followed by the second act, also 45 minutes long. Due to the extremely heavy traffic in Delhi & the huge amount of people going out the auditorium; I got home around 11pm.

Yesterday I did a super great workout with my ballet friend. Strengthening the feet, working on the technique in small and simple movements from class (such as pliés) & so on. I am more than thankful & happy that she’s here in India as well, I cannot imagine what a hard time it would be, without having her here. Talking to & learning from an older (no where near old, but older) dancer is an absolutely great thing to do. I get so much inspiration and determination, to work!

Today I had physio from 10 to 12 in the morning. My back pain was all good yesterday, but spending such a long time sitting in the car, gave me pain today. It was much better after the physio thogh, I’m so happy it helps. After my 2 hours sessions of physio tomorrow morning, I will head to my friend’s house again, for some more workout. My mom & little sister are coming back from the school trip tomorrow afternoon, it will be fun hearing their experiences & what they’ve done these past days.

I hope you all have had a great week so far, remember it’s only a few days until the weekend.

Take care!