Enjoying my last days in Zurich

It finally feels like fall outside again, cold but crispy air, the leafs are turning into autumn colors & the wind is constantly blowing your hair. 

I had such a great afternoon with Catarina. We started with doing some shopping at the big Main station- the only place in Zurich where the stores aren’t closed on Sundays. (Definitely not going to miss the “no shops open on Sundays”- fact in Switzerland). Anyways, then we walked around town, took nice photos while drinking the one and only- Pumpkin spice latte, from Starbucks.

I am really enjoying my very last days here in Zurich, with my friends. Actually, I will not be gone for that long. I am visiting Zurich in month. My mom has a meeting here and I will come along to meet my friends. Already looking a lot forward to that.

Sadly, but truly, I am not too excited to go back to India. Not at all. When I am more used to living there & used to not dance all day everyday anymore, I will probably find it really good there. But right now, my excitement to go there isn’t that much.

Tomorrow, we are doing some errands in town. Immigration office, post office & so on. I will also quickly do a visit to Manor, where I’ll buy a bunch of candles & scent sticks- to make my room in India smell as little Indian as possible… You got to do what you go to do, don’t you?

Today we ate Salmon with sweet potatoes & vegetables at the boarding house. I will mis the internat!

Enjoy your evening,


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