“Shopping therapy”

Oniochalasia –
(n.) buying or shopping as a method of stress relief or relaxation.

I mean, I could give up shopping but I am not a quitter. (Except for when I have no choice, like with dancing.) 

After breakfast and some minutes of getting ready, we headed to town. We started fixing the yearly Transport ticket. Then we deregistered me at the Immigration office, we later changed post address & gave back the locker key at school. When all those errands were finished, we went to Manor. Me ❤ Manor.

I bought a bunch of things at Manor. Some workout clothes-, a top, leggings & a light jacket. I also got two fluffy accessories, to be put on my bags, for decoration. I got some cozy indoor shoes. At Tally Weijl, I bought a very pretty, military green, jumpsuit (perfect for India) & two pair of shorter jeans, one pair in green & the other one in pink/beige.

To try to make India smell somehow not Indian, I bought 1 room spray & 2 scent sticks- in the smell Passion Casis (best smell ever!).

At the main station, I bought a little wooden painting, with a nice quote on. It is from the very cute decor shop, called Depot.

We just got back to the boarding house, I will pack the last things now & then head to school, taZ, where I’ll meet my friends. They finish at 6.  We will spend the afternoon together & then probably go out, one last time before I leave. I really don’t want to leave but I have no choice.. 😦

I wish you all a good afternoon, 

Bye for now. 


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