Brighter future

Today, at 10 am, I went to see the doctor in Delhi, India.

He is german & speaks perfect english (sometimes there can be a slightly language problem with the english & understanding here in India, but this time it was no problems at all). The doctor really understands the situation. He said that there is, without no doubts, absolutely possible to recover. It takes time & will need a lot of physio, to especially get the core, glutes & the back super strong. This problem & pain will come back, if I don’t get strong enough or if I do intense back stretches. Even though, I definitely think it’s worth trying. Ballet doesn’t inquire such intense movements that rhythmic gymnastics, for example. I have to dance. 

We decided that I will do physio therapy everyday, for 2 hours. I will also practice a lot with my good friend here in India, she’s a ballet dancer & has worked at the Royal Swedish Opera for 5 years. I am more than happy that she lives here (my one & only friend in India). I will focus on getting my body really strong, which is exactly what I need. Smaller details & just overall to get a good, strong, healthy body to be able to push myself until my very best, as a dancer.

I am so happy to have gotten this information. The rehab is not something you do in a week or in a month, but dancing is what I want to do & as long as I know this will heal, I will keep working for it everyday. From January, I will also start reading the academics on distance, to at least have some education to fall back on- if needed.

Today I have been at the school, AES, for basically the whole day- except for the 1 hour visit to the doctor. Now it is a bit after four, & today my siblings finish with ipop activities (swimming & chocolate making) at 4.45. I will have to wait until then, to go home.

I hope you all have had a good day x 


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