Intercultural education & global adjustments, what is that?

Good evening guys! 

I am currently sitting in the sofa, eating fresh fruit (melon & pineapple) while listening to music & writing a blogpost. I wish I could go out, but sometimes it’s nice to have a calm evening at home as well. I just finished talking to my friends in Zurich, missing my boys too much! ❤ 

This morning I woke up at 7.30, I got dressed, had breakfast & then left the apartment a bit after half past nine. My mom, my dad & I spent the morning at an event, with Ericsson, which is the company my dad works with. This event was held at the famous Leela hotel in Gurgaon The expats who recently arrived to India, were invited- just like us. It was actually such a nice presentation that they had. Adapting & getting settled in this crazy capital of India, is by far not the most easy thing you could possibly do. We were told tips & tricks about everything from what the indians special head nodding means to how many languages there are here. With other words, an intercultural education regarding global adjustments.
I will rather soon post a long blogpost regarding a bunch of things in India, our life here, the weather, city info and so on…

I met a girl in my age at the event, she actually lives in the apartment next to ours. The event was finishing around five in the afternoon, our parents had a great time but we decided to leave earlier, to do something else instead. We called the driver and left a bit after one o’clock. We ate a nice lunch in the club house, in the area where we live, then we went to the pool and kept talking for the rest of the afternoon. It was very nice to meet someone in my ag, I need some social life here.

Today, my will grandparents arrive in Delhi, at midnight. They will spend a week here & then do a little tour in India. I am looking forward to see them. Tomorrow we will have a nice brunch, at the Leela hotel, all together.

I wish you all a great evening & a cozy Sunday, 

Good night! ❤


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