Back injury INFO

The reason for me being in India right now and not in Zurich- is because of my back. Which I am sure all of you already know. So… What is the problem? What will I do about it? Will I ever heal? 

I have spondylolysis; a stress fracture in the L5 bone- in the (left) lower part of the spine. This could have been here since birth- we don’t know that, but it wouldn’t change anything. The main problem isn’t on the left side, it is on the right side. On the right side, I have this really bad stress reaction, which would rather soon become a stress fracture as well, if I push it too hard in the wrong movements. This is causing me a whole lot of pain. It was much worse before, but since I am currently having a break from dance- the stress reaction is already better.
I also have scoliosis, a curve in the spine. This makes my right shoulder blade stand out more & the left back muscles looks bigger. The physiotherapists also discovered that my pelvis has a certain twist, which then later makes a little difference in my legs. All the things mentioned, plus being very flexible and pushing my body too hard in the wrong intense back stretches, without that many muscles- might be the reasons for the stress fracture.

But nothing that cannot be fixed. The doctor have told me that there are none of the things in my body that make me not being able to dance, everything can be fixed & I will be fully recovered. I have really good hopes. 

What will I do to recover this injury?
Well, I do physio here in Delhi, 2 hours 3 times a week, where I work with both passive & active sessions.

Passive session means the physiotherapists work with me. They try loosen up parts of my body, to get the pelvis straight, treat the scoliosis & so on. Guess what…? It actually works really good. My pelvis is basically straight now & my shoulder blade on the right side does not stand out as much anymore. How good?!

Active session means me working on exercises with the physiotherapists. This, to build up A LOT of strength in my body, with specific focus on the core, abdominal, glutes & back muscles. Exercises I have gotten so far, is to do side plank, bridges (for the glutes, pelvis pressing up against the ceiling, on both one & two legs) & some more abdominal things, which are too hard to explain.

Later on, we will go down to only 1 hour per day, 3 days a week. When I have gotten more things to work on, alone at home. I will rather soon also start working out with my ballet friend here. She has given me so many great exercises, which has helped me a lot, I cannot wait to work with her more. So thankful for the weird coincidence that we are in India the exact same time. Some things are just meant to be…

I had a meeting with the doctor yesterday. He already saw a difference (in a positive meaning) in my body & was very happy with the fast improvements & results. He will, in the beginning of next week, call the doctor in Zurich/ taZ. Where he will explain everything regarding my back; healing, recovering, the actual injury & so on. This, so she understands more what the problem is and that it actually can heal. My mom & I are in great contact with the school as well. I hope for my life that I recover & have a possibility to go back… It is an absolutely amazing school. 

Every morning, after breakfast, I start with a “morning walk” in the gym, for at least 30 minutes. I cannot yet run, but walking is definitely better than not moving at all. Then I go back to the apartment & do strengthening exercises. I do what I mentioned above, as well as loads 0f foot work. For example, I do 100 relevés 2 times everyday. I really work on building up the strength in my feet. In the evenings, I tend to repeat what I did in the morning. I am used to 8 hours dance every day, repeating a workout doesn’t hurt.

I am very careful in everything I do though. I have come to a point where I have realized that this injury might actually mean something. I am now aware that I have pushed my body way to hard, in the wrong ways. IF I would have been more careful, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this fracture…
But there’s nothing bad that doesn’t come with anything good. When I m fully recovered and back to dancing again, I am SURE I will be stronger (mentally and physically) than ever before!

Keep working hard (in the RIGHT ways)!

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