Instagram Q&A: What do I have for breakfast?

Yesterday, I asked for questions to a Q&A, on my Instagram. Most of the questions are from that photo, but some are also older. I hope you enjoy reading! 

What’s your favourite breakfast? Hmm… this really depends a lot. Usually I eat two slices of bread & drink some tea. We have fresh fruit everyday, here in India, so I’ve started having porridge with melon a little bit of honey and milk instead. So as you can see, it really depends a lot. My absolute favorite breakfast would then be hotel breakfast, when you can choose whatever you’d like.

Which is the three things you need when travelling? First, a suitcase. Kidding, that’s obvious. This depends on the situation as well, is it for an audition, a little weekend trip or a longer time spent in a tropical country… Anyways, three things I always bring with me is a camera (either the iPhone or an actual camera), some books & makeup!

What kind of things do you do for physio? You can find a whole blogpost about this; here.

What’s the brand of pointe shoes you wear? I wear Grishko 2007.

Why do you live in India? I live in India because my dad got transferred to work here. The contract says 2 years but might as well be 3. Then we might continue moving after that.

Do you ever struggle with acne? If so, how did you cure it? No I haven’t (touchwood). I have rather dry skin though, which I guess is quite the opposite to people with acne. But remember, your skin is a reaction of what you eat and how you treat your body. Keeping it healthy and steady, will show on your skin as well.

What are your favourite lunches for dancers? I really don’t have a favourite lunch actually. And it also depends what you are doing after. Let’s say you have class after lunch, then I wouldn’t suggest you to eat a giant plate of fries, nuggets or fast food like that. I always prefer a lighter lunch when dancing, like pasta salad, or chicken etc. That makes you full, but not too full, as well as gives you the right energy to work really hard. I also always take snack with me throughout the day, to eat in between classes. Like an apple, some other fruit, granola bars, yoghurt or sandwiches.

If you worked out the previous day and are sore the next day or are sore from stretching from the previous day, do you recommend stretching the next day as well in order to improve and the results? U always said do a little bit everyday, but what about when your muscles ache from stretching? Just do it? Thanks and lots of love xxxx. Okay, so I will say something really classy: listen to your body. If your muscles ache, try to gentle push in the stretches where you feel the pain. Is it too bad, stop it. Leave it. Do more tomorrow. You can also try to stretch something else, for instance, if you are sore from doing the splits, try other stretches that stretch other muscles instead. Do not sit in over split for 10 minutes, gentle push your body. Do not only go for static stretches & always think about building strength while doing it. This, to prevent injuries and to not hurt yourself. Love! X

How to get in shape the fastest? My tip would be, if having a longer break, to take a week or so completely off. Then start training again. Don’t ever only stretch. Do as much strength as stretch. If being a ballet dancer, keep in shape by doing other sports too. Swimming, running and so on. To get in shape really fast, do strength + stretch everyday. Go for a run as well. Do a floorbarre, put your pointe shoes on & do barre. Hope it helps!

Oh lol do another question: what is your “go to” breakfast? Do you have a specific breakfast routine when you train and do ballet? Or just breakfast foods that go on rotation? Nope, no specific breakfast when dancing or practicing. As I mentioned above, I eat what I feel like and it also depends on where & when. In Zurich, for example, there I always ate two or three slices of bread & porridge with fruit salad.

What’s your advice for young dancers? My absolutely TOP advices for young dancers would be these: Always push yourself to your limits, but without overdoing it. Listen carefully to your body & please do not keep dancing with the wrong pain- I’ve done it too many times. As a dancer, you always have a pain more or less everywhere. But there is the good and sore pain & the bad pain pain, injuries. Also, think that doing abdominal exercises & working on muscles in your back, glutes, feet & knees (etc) are just as important as the daily stretching. Summery; work hard and don’t loose hope, at the same time really listen to your body and do not do anything dangerous.

Take care! ❤


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