Diwali and partying in Delhi 

Hey Everyone! 

I am currently in the car, with my family. We are on our way to the American Embassy school, where there will be big celebrations of Diwali. The high schoolers have their homecoming today as well & I am going, with a bunch of fun people, to the after party later on. We’ll be at a bar, in Delhi. I look so much forward to eat. 

Yesterday night, was spent with some friends- watching movies & eating snacks. I had a very intense physio session around lunch time. We did hard abdominal & glutes exercises. Today I worked out for 2 hours myself. 

Tomorrow afternoon, I am flying to Pune with my grandparents. They have a hospital there and they do some other charity projects as well. It is a 2 days intense program, Monday & Tuesday, visiting the hospital, the slums, the children and so on. We will fly back to Delhi on Wednesday lunch, the flight does only take 2 hours. I look forward to this a lot, not only to be the first person of the “new generation” going there but participating in charity projects is always a great thing. I don’t do school right now, which means that it’s a perfect time to travel, learn new things & get experiences you’d never get if your stuck at home. 

Travelling and discovering are the best
Enjoy your Saturday night, I know I will, & have a great weekend! 


2 thoughts on “Diwali and partying in Delhi 

  1. Hi Moa ❤️ I wanted to ask if you could to blogpost about your favourite songs ? Or some playlist ?😇😄

    Hope you are having wonderful day ❤️💜


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