First impressions: Pune.

Slums. Cleaner air. Greener. Slum. Mountains. More slum. Palms. 

This were my very first impressions of Pune. My grandparents and I arrived, after the 2 hours long (short) flight, around 5pm. We got picked up by a very good friend of us, and drove to the hotel. Later in the evening we had dinner with other good friends of my family.

Tomorrow, I have an intense schedule ahead. We will visit different schools in small villages, in the slums. I will tell you everything about all this in another blogpost- so you will know a bit more why I am here & what we are going to do and so on. For now, just enjoy this little update of my day, among with some photos.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel rooms & I will soon go to bed. I have a room of my own, right opposite to my grandparents’. We are leaving around 9 in the morning tomorrow, it is almost past midnight here so I better go to sleep rather soon.

I am very excited and thankful that I get to do this trip. To get these experiences. Words cannot even describe how touching it is to see all this. A completely different world, which you’ll never fully understand without seeing it yourself.

I hope you all had a great weekend, 


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