Leading Indian Ladies Ahead: Education is the key to success

Lila Poonawalla Foundation: Leading Indian Ladies Ahead.
The most inspiring experience I have ever experienced. 

Today I have gotten such experiences & perspectives on the world. We have been visiting different schools all day, only situated on the country side in the absolute poorest slum areas in Pune, India.

There is this fantastic woman in India, called Lila Poonawalla. She has, together with her man, created a foundation- to help women with education & to give India a better future. The children is the future of every country in the world. My grandparents sponsor their foundation and that is the reason for its great success, with educating girls. It is absolutely amazing what she does. I am beyond words to describe how fantastic it is to experience all this.

My family also has a hospital here in Pune. Tomorrow I will spend the whole day visiting the hospital and participating in its work.

We got picked up at 9 this morning. 30 minutes later we were at the foundation’s office. There we had a little conference, learning more about how everything is going with their work. They have currently 19 schools which they help & give financial support to. We also met the educated girls who works at the office. They are all incredible sweet & such nice persons. The office is completely covered in a whole bunch of gifts, drawings, paintings, books, photos & decorations- given to the 2 great persons, by all the girls they have helped given scholarships for education to. They are both called “mom & dad” because they are so well appreciated in what they have made others achieve.

It took us 1.5 hours to get to the first school. We visited 5 different schools, all in the poorest slum areas. Words cannot even describe how touching it is, seeing all the poverty. There are of course a lot of poverty in Delhi as well, but much worse here.

We got a huge welcoming, in every single school we visited. Our car drove up the entrance at the school while lots of children were performing welcoming dances outside. Loud music, many decorations & a lot of happy faces. They all had spent the whole day, putting up all sorts of decorations everywhere around the schools. We were greeted by a welcoming ritual: the red & orange dots on the forehead, a bunch of flowers, a coconut- which symbolizes good friendship & scarfs. We later got extremely many presents, where they showed how thankful they were to have us. Some of them also wished us Happy Diwali.

The schools have succeeded, only because of the help from the foundation itself. In one school, they provided the children with computers. As I am sure you understand, this has a huge meaning for the development of the society in the slums. They have also given bicycles, to every student living more than 2km away from the school. That is amazing.

Since I am very exotic looking, compared to all the other indian people, the children are thrilled to see me. I have been given many gifts & I am so thankful for their extreme kindness. They all wanted to take photos with me, group pictures & selfies. Can you imagine 500 children completely starring at you with impressed & shocked eyes? Good thing I don’t have any problems standing in front of a lot of people.

I am more than thankful to get these experiences. My family is working rather close to these charity projects, that’s why I am here, and they have a huge part of it all. I am very proud of my family’s part in this, and I cannot wait until next time I go and visit the schools again. My mom has already been here several times and is very engaged in our hospital in Pune as well.

For now, I don’t have all the photos I’d like to post, but I will have everything tomorrow so I will edit the blogpost later on. I thought it would be interesting reading about all this anyways. Enjoy these photos for now!

I wish you all a great evening. Be thankful for what you have, be clever in the choices you make & never let go of your dreams! Do send thoughts to the people in the slums of India, or at any other place in the world. 

Good night. 


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