A little friendly reminder

It’s only 10 fridays until Christmas…!
I love Christmas & everything that comes with it, me & my family will spend the holidays in Sweden, where we have our summer house. Can’t 

Another very excited thing: It is only 16 days until I go to Zurich! Then to Stockholm, South of Sweden, Dubai & so on. Actually, we will also travel to Singapore- during the 4 weeks off around Christmas. Love traveling! 

Today I went to the physio at 9 o’clock, started at 10am. As always, you cannot count on the Delhi traffic to be on your side, this time it was like a parking lot all the way to physio. Which meant that we came a little late.

I’ve gone from doing mainly passive session to more active ones. Focusing on core exercises & strengthening the glutes. The pain is much better, it’s less & it barely effects my everyday life anymore. Constantly having pain is not too funny, I am so glad it’s getting better.

I was stuck at school from 11.20 until it finished, four hours later- at 3.30pm. Luckily, my friends at high school had their lunch break by then so I got some company. Then some of them had free period, basically until school finished. I spent the last hour watching a dance class, very interesting…

I wanted to continue working out when we finally got home again, but I got the worst headache & was quite feverish, so I couldn’t. Too bad. At least I have 3 hours physio tomorrow, looking forward to that! My stomach ache is not getting any better, it isn’t that bad but I have literally lost my appetite & hunger feelings. I am forcing myself to eat though, loosing weight is no good!

Tomorrow’s Friday! I wish you all a good night, morning, afternoon or midday- wherever you are in the world!



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