Fall fiesta & Autumn longings 

Good morning everyone!

I am currently in bed, watching the CNN news about the election in US. Where’s the world going, may I ask?

After spending nearly 2 hours working out this morning, I showered, got ready & then me & my family headed to Ambience Mall. I bought a new mascara from Lancôme- a little bit pricier but totally worth it. These mascaras literally last forever. The rest of my family did errands as well. We bought some presents for the upcoming Diwali celebration. During that time, you usually give your maids & your drivers presents.

In the afternoon, I went to my friend Maria’s apartment. She lives in the tower next to mine & we did our makeup together & got ready for the Fall Fiesta at AES. (Maybe you want a makeup tutorial? I was a lil kit cat!) My family left for school a bit earlier than me, so I got a ride with Maria instead. At school they had this Halloween Party, fall fiesta, for everyone at AES. A lot of activities, music, food & games to play could be found.

There was supposed to be an after party tonight as well, but it got cancelled. This school is crazy about partying- parties every weekend! I think it’s because we aren’t as free during the weekdays, India is not the country where you have the most freedom, as a teenager. I love parties though.

Today it is exactly 2 weeks until I am flying to Zurich. You will never hear me stop talking about that, because I literally cannot wait until I go. It will absolutely be great. When in Stockholm, I will stay with one of my best friends in an apartment in the city. Looking forward to everything about the upcoming things in 2 weeks…

Yesterday, my ballet friend gave me some books, regarding anatomy & the body’s function. Since I’m not studying, I’ll take sometime learning about my body- inside out. I’m thankful for those & look forward to learn a bit more anatomy.

If you are in some place where it is fall-ish weather right now, please enjoy it for me! The pollution isn’t bad at all today, it’s fresh & very hot outside. Although I like the summer weather here, I really miss fall & cold & coziness. Wishing India had more seasons…. That’s another good thing about going to Zurich, from what I’ve seen- the city is absolutely beautiful in that crispy autumn weather.

I have no plans for tomorrow. My mom told me I am as pale as a ghost (thank you mom, I appreciate it!) so I’ll probably spend some time by the pool, getting sun & some kind of color. Vitamin D is always important as well.

Enjoy your night xoxo


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