I am bored of being bored because being bored is really boring

Sunday Funday? More like Sunday boring day… 

The air was not good outside today, our little “egg-ish” looking thing, which measures exactly how bad it is, told us the air outside was HazardousThat feels absolutely wonderful to hear, don’t you think?

Anyways, I started my morning with a 2- hours workout, & finished my evening with another hour of practicing. First walking f0r 30 minutes in the gym, then continuing with core & abdomen exercises, as well as for the legs, arms & feet. Other than that I haven’t done much today. Reading the anatomy books, being with my siblings & talking to friends over the phone. I actually cleaned all my makeup brushes in the afternoon, before I went to the pool. THAT was something somewhat productive I must say. I don’t even dare to remember how long time ago it was since I last cleaned them…

We are currently only 4 family members at home (or actually 5, counting with the cat), at the moment. My oldest little sister is an eight grader, this week they are doing a, so called, – WOW trip (Week withOut Walls). She will go rafting in the Ganges river with her grade. Since our mom is a doctor, she is accompanying them, a doctor’s help is always appreciated. This means a lot of fun for them, but aren’t as good news for me. My mom is basically my one and only company throughout the days (since I don’t do school) & now when she’s gone, I am all alone… At least I have physio everyday & I will pick up my two youngest siblings from school some days as well.

I hope your weekend has been a good one. My cousins are coming next Friday (Well, not all 30, but two of them). I am really looking forward to see them again! We will do some fun things together.

Good night! 


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