Summer feelings & motivation Monday

The weather has been so good today! Hot, sunny & with a clear sky- not much pollution at all! My wishes came through, I could finally spend my afternoon in the sun: soaking up vitamin D

Today I started my morning with some breakfast, before I went to the gym; & did the standard walking- 30 minutes- while- watching -the-news- thing. It will be rather interesting seeing the results of the election in US…

I had physio today for 1 hour, until midday. Unfortunately, I arrived 20 minutes late, due to the fact that we found out that our car was broken just an hour before we had to leave (we, meaning my dad & I). Sometimes, things just get too complicated here in India & you aren’t as free to do whatever whenever you want to. In the end we luckily solved the problem but the traffic wasn’t really helping getting us there, it all resulted in shorter physio session. Well, I guess everything cannot always go as planned.

I hope you all had a great start of the new week; A New week meaning:
 -New beginnings, new opportunities & new experiences.



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