The Nutcracker: (Bolshoi) Ballet in Delhi 

Good evening everyone & happy midweek! Is it already Wednesday? Where did the other days go…? 

Yesterday, my ballet friend brought me along to see the Bolshoi ballet’s performance of the Nutcracker, in Delhi. Yes, you read it all correct. Ballet in Indiareal ballet. ❤ We went with two other families, both Russian, & it was by their invitations that we got the great possibility to see the performance. Everything was hosted by the Russian embassy & held in a huge auditorium.

To be honest, bolshoi is a company with 200 dancers & when sending people abroad, it may not the top dancers. Therefor, my expectations weren’t that high. Actually, all the dancers were good. Some were very good & some were good. The main role though, was stunning. Such a beautiful upper body & overall a great dancer: Diana Kosyreva. The male dancers was Andrey Bolotin. 

Since I was a soldier in the Swedish version, of the Nutcracker, performed at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm- the music brought back a whole lot of memories to me. Watching the performance, over & over again, in the end resulted in learning almost the whole choreography. I had such a great time last christmas, almost never being school: just spending the days in the opera house.

I am very greatful & happy to have seen this performance. Especially since it’s another version from what I’ve seen before & I am also very pleased to watch some ballet again. It really made we wanting to dance, as if I didn’t want it enough already…. When comparing the Swedish version to this one, I must say I really enjoy both but, the Swedish Nutcracker is a bit more fun.

The performance started at 6.30 in the evening, since we are in India- the curtains opened and the music started playing around 7ish. I can tell you one thing; India is never on time. The first act was 45 minutes, then there was a 20 minutes break which was followed by the second act, also 45 minutes long. Due to the extremely heavy traffic in Delhi & the huge amount of people going out the auditorium; I got home around 11pm.

Yesterday I did a super great workout with my ballet friend. Strengthening the feet, working on the technique in small and simple movements from class (such as pliés) & so on. I am more than thankful & happy that she’s here in India as well, I cannot imagine what a hard time it would be, without having her here. Talking to & learning from an older (no where near old, but older) dancer is an absolutely great thing to do. I get so much inspiration and determination, to work!

Today I had physio from 10 to 12 in the morning. My back pain was all good yesterday, but spending such a long time sitting in the car, gave me pain today. It was much better after the physio thogh, I’m so happy it helps. After my 2 hours sessions of physio tomorrow morning, I will head to my friend’s house again, for some more workout. My mom & little sister are coming back from the school trip tomorrow afternoon, it will be fun hearing their experiences & what they’ve done these past days.

I hope you all have had a great week so far, remember it’s only a few days until the weekend.

Take care! 


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