Diwali decorations & lost physio thoughts 

Good evening everyone! 

Today I woke up to the smell of the pollution, something you would (I HOPE) never do in Sweden… When the wind is coming later in the day, the air gets thinner & better. Sometimes I really don’t realise how big of a difference it is, living in Delhi compared to living in Stockholm, Europe. I’ll post a blogpost in some days, regarding the differences between such countries. 

You can really tell that Diwali is coming up in the near future. It’s obvious that it is the ‘celebration of light’, everyone puts up the decoration lights everywhere, on everything. Balconies, houses, traffic signs, trees, you name it. It’s a pretty sight though, especially in the dark. I’m quite happy about not being in Sweden during the dark & cold days. I do miss the crispy fall feeling, but I kind of prefer being in a hot country with a temperature a bit over 30 degrees. The nice fall feeling tends to only last for a couple of days, then summer would be perfect again. Although the winter times are coming up sooner or later in India, the temperature will stay around 10 degrees and with a horrible pollution.

Today I was planning on going to physio, from 10- 12. All the way until I checked the schedule 5 minutes before I was supposed to leave, and realised I do not have any sessions scheduled for today. Well, well… Good thing I realised before going there instead of after– a 2 hours car drive for nothing would be terrible. Anyways, I stayed in my room, working our, reading, writing, the whole morning until it was time for lunch, then I went to my ballet friend’s house.

The only downside of having a maid, who does all the cleaning, cooking & so on, is that you are never really alone. It’s always someone there. During the days, when everyone else is at work or in school, I go into my room and lock the door, then I usually workout. Although, I’m honestly not home that much. I’m either at physio, at my ballet friend’s house or in school. It’s strange how I can be in school all day, having several academic classes as well as dance classes. Then I get here, having no school to do, & the days feel shorter than ever…

After our workout, we got ready and then head to school. At school, we met all the children in middle school, coming back from their WOW- trips (Week withOut Walls). Her son & my mom & sister were all exhausted & tired. They have had great fun though. Sadly, some of the tents they’ve lived in, had bed bugs (euw), you do NOT want to get that in your house. They’ll be really careful with getting the things in to the apartment, washing it all & then putting it in the freezer.

My cousins are arriving in Delhi tomorrow morning. I look forward to seeing them. I’m probably spending my evening with some friends. Watching movies & just hanging out are always fun.

Tomorrow’s Friday!! Middle school are having the day off, my oldest sister will therefor be free. On Monday it’s a holiday, which means that we have a long weekend ahead of us. I have 2 hours physio planned for tomorrow, I might also hopefully workout with my friend on Saturday morning.

Enjoy your evening!


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