Perks of living in India

Dogs running along the streets, cows blocking the roads, dirty babies playing besides the crazy traffic, guinea pigs eating the garbage & beggars desperately knocking the windows in the endless car queues. A typical scene happening when living in Delhi, India. 

India is different. You will never fully understand this city, especially if you haven’t been here. I am probably now giving you a lot of things to think about.

I don’t think anyone has missed the fact that India’s population is huge. Right? Then there is a difference between huge & huge, and India’s population is huge. And you know what, you can feel it. As soon as you put your foot into the actual country you can feel it. You probably know what European Union is? Take the number of people in that union, together with France, Spain, china, Russia & more, that’s how big India’s population is. Fascinating, isn’t it? 

The Indian people has there special way to communicate. If you ask them a favour, they do not only answer with “yes ma’m”. They also nod there heads in a certain way, rapidly tilting it to the sides a few times.

Delhi is the city with the worst air in the world, during the months it gets colder. Right now, it’s quite hot here- the temperature stays around 30 Celsius degrees. When the Christmas months are coming, the temperature goes down to as cold as 10 degrees. Everyone starts heating up their houses, which makes the pollution go very bad. You cannot be outside & if you are, you most likely have to wear these masks, to keep safe from the bad air outside. We have several air cleaners in each and every room, that is a must. We also have a little egg shaped thing, which tells us the exact number of how bad the air is.

The colder months haven’t started yet, but the air has still been bad this week. Not as bad as if we would have to wear the masks, but every time you went outside it had a certain smell. The air felt thicker.

It is hard living with the huge paradoxes & differences between the population here. Very hard. Outside, people are not only sleeping on the streets- they are LIVING on the streets. It’s worse than in the slums, because in the slums you still have some sort of connection and a feeling of being together, a community. On the streets, all you have is a blanket. No education, no money, no house, no anything. Should I give the children, desperately knocking the car windows, food, money, water or anything at all? If I give one, everyone wants it. Should I just ignore it then? No one knows…

When people ask me how I like it in India, my answers tend be “Well, it’s very interesting.” That’s not a lie. It IS very interesting living, it really is. Honestly I have a hate- love relationship with this country.

I love it for being A LOT of everything. I love it for being completely different to what I’m used to. I love it for being a wonderful country. I love how many amazing new people you meet, from all over the world. I hate it for the endless car queues. I hate it for being the city with the worst air in the world. I hate it when you have to block the way when standing in a queue, because the Indians wouldn’t mind taking your spot. I hate it how they always spit everywhere. I hate how you aren’t as free to go & do whatever, wherever you want. The list could go on, both with positive & less positive things.

Another reason for me not really liking it here at moment, is not really because of the country itself. More because of the actual situation I am in.
I want to work. I want to be with my friends. I want to be able to dance. I want to have class. I want to push my body and see progress of hard work. I just want to dance, dance & dance AND go to school. I want to study & learn & develop. I can’t do either of the things mentioned right now.

Recovering takes time, I am aware of it and I hate it. 

I love travelling. I really do. Not many people get to travel to India, even less get to actually LIVE here. I am thankful for this experience & everything moving here has teached me.


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