Candy obsession & fun times

Good evening everyone ! (or shall I say good morning? It’s a bit after midnight here in India right now…)

I started this morning with an almost 2 hours workout, at my ballet friend’s house. We worked a bit (a lot) of everything. Legs, core, turnout muscles & so on, we really focused on the arms as well. I need my “not-so-strong” arms to gain some more muscles. After the workout, I got driven to the Ambience Mall– where I met up with my cousin, sister & our moms. I bought three shirts at a store called Iconic- from Vero Moda, Aeropostale & Calvin Klein.

Yesterday, my two cousins & their mom came to India. They just got their fall break & will spend the week here. It was very nice to meet them again. Our cousin had brought us a whole lot of swedish candy. Amazingly wonderful ❤

As for lunch, we had made reservations at the Leela Hotel. It has such an amazing range of different dishes & food you can get. Their sushi is amazing & they even have meat. Everyone is in love with their macaroons as well. Love food!

The evening was spent with a bunch of friends here where we live. I had such a great time with them all. I have started liking India more & more right now. When I’ve made great friends & have a lot more fun than before.

Tomorrow it is Diwali. We are doing a little trip which I will tell you more about later. One thing that I can tell you is that we, on Monday, will see one of the seven wonders in the world. Exciting!

I hope you all are enjoying weekend. Have a great night and a good Sunday!


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