Agra Adventures: Taj Mahal & Agra Fort 

Today we rise & shined a bit before six in the morning, we were off by seven & after a long, bumpy & hot car (minibus) ride- we finally made it to Agra by midday.

We all had a blast visiting one of the 7 wonders in the world: Taj Mahal. We’ve already travelled to Petra, in Jordan, which is another wonder in the world, which makes it 5 left. They are all on the bucket list though! 

Taj Mahal was absolutely incredible, it reminded me of how cool India actually is. I am blessed to experience so many things I would never do, if staying in calm Sweden for my whole life. We had a great guide who helped us a lot during the day, he showed us the wonderful building from outside & we also got to see the inside. It wasn’t allowed to take any photos inside though.

After spending some hours at Taj Mahal, we drove to Agra Fort, another incredible building. Cute moneys were climbing the walls of the fort. Exactly every single person, especially the indians, wanted photos of us & with us.We were almost feeling like real celebrities; the whole surrounding of people are taking photos on you. I guess it is because we are quite exotic looking, as always here in India.

Today it is Diwali. Ever since the sun went down & it got dark outside this evening, we’ve been hearing fireworks. After having dinner at the hotel we went outside to look at them all. They were amazing! So many of them. 

We are only staying overnight at this hotel. Tomorrow in the earlier morning we are driving back to Delhi again. I am not looking forward to get back to that pollution there. Apparently the air will be horrible because of all the fireworks… We’ll see how it all turns out.

Happy Diwali to everyone, I hope you all have had a nice weekend,
Good night! 



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