Happy Halloween ! 

Good evening everyone! 

Today we waved goodbye to Agra around 9 o’clock in the morning. A couple of hours later, 5 hours to be exact, we were in Delhi again. We stopped at a restaurant in a nice place called Lodi Garden, where we all had lunch. I ate a delicious quinoa salad.

After lunch, we drove another 50 minutes & we were finally back to Gurgaon & Magnolias again. Then I spent a bit more than an hour working out. Core, abdomen, legs, feet & arms. Tomorrow I’ll have physio from 9 to 11 in the morning. After my afternoon workout I showered & got ready; for trick or treating. 

My evening was spent trick or treating, as a cat, with a bunch of great people. We later on just overall hung out as well. I love how I have gotten really good friends here now, who I have a lot of fun with. Almost as if I don’t want to leave on Friday night. I am looking forward to meet my friends in Zurich a lot though, can’t wait for that! I’m also too excited to see my best friends in Sweden again, it has been many months abroad… 

I hope you all a had a great start of this new week. I also wish you a very happy Halloween with a lot of candy & good friends to spend the day with, 
Good night! 


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