Summer vibes & chill meanwhile people suffer the cold in Sweden

I have to admit that it is actually wonderful having the possibility to go down to the pool everyday, fueling the body with Vitamin D while relaxing & swimming. All meanwhile my friends in Zurich & Sweden are freezing because of the cold weather there. They don’t have the horrible pollution though. Did you know that I was told the other day, that breathing outside, when it is such bad air, is the same as smoking two packages of cigarettes…? HOW wonderful…

Today me & my dad got picked up at 7.40 in the morning, we dropped him of by work & then I continued to physio. My siblings picked the school bus at 7.25am, my cousins spent their morning in bed & they later went shopping.

I had 2 very intense physio sessions today. My abdomens were burning & my body as well. I love it though, the feeling of hard work. Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard! (or when your back decides to get injured & ruin your life).
After physio I went back home & the afternoon was spent by the pool with my cousins. We all had a really great time. Me & Tove got some tan as well, which is always nice.

In the evening, we took some time coloring our brows & lashes. Such a great tip if you want  to spend less time doing your makeup in the morning.

Today we had indian food for dinner, and banana bread with fresh fruits as dessert. Our maid is an amazing chef, he makes scramble egg for me every morning!

I did a bit more than an hour of foot exercises in the evening, I also put on my pointe shoes & worked a bit with them. I don’t have physio tomorrow but will spend some time with my ballet friend. Looking forward to that. ❤

I hope you’ve had a great week so far. Good night!


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