Pollution greetings 

Hello from Delhi, where the pollution is the worst.

I am currently in the car, with my family & cousins on our way from the American Embassy school. I have had a really good day today, despite the fact that the pollution is absolutely horrible. Breathing outside is like smoking 5 packages of cigarettes…

In the early morning, when looking out the balcony & the windows, you cannot even see anything. The air is that thick, not even the apartments in front of our tower are visible. That’s how bad it is. The air has a weird smell & I can barely wear my contacts. Everyone is wearing their faces masks though, which is good.
-Let me tell you how bad the air was after Diwali: 0-50 are good pollution levels, it’s hazardous from 300-500 (everything in between is very unhealthy). Guess what it was the other day? A thousand, 1000, even over. Can you even imagine how bad the air is when it goes over 1000? Horrible. 

Anyways, everyone except dad, who left for work, drove to school around 7.30 in the morning. My cousins were with my siblings in school today. They loved it, it was fun experiencing something different than the usual schools in Sweden. When at school, I met with my ballet friend & we drove home to her house. I spent the rest of the morning working out with her.

Today I also brought my pointe shoes along. We talked a lot, did some pointe shoe fitting with old pairs of hers & of course worked in the shoes. She broke mine, which was very good, & we did a whole bunch of super great exercises.

I left her house around lunch time, and met up with my mom & aunt at Khan Market, where we had lunch. After the meal & some strolling around the market, we went back to the American Embassy school. I hang out with friends at high school for a couple of hours before school finished & then we all went home.

Tomorrow I’ll do physio for one hour & I also have an appointment with the doctor. Before that, I am seeing my ballet friend & we’ll do some workout again. I couldn’t be happier that she’s in the same city as me & that she has the possibility to help me, because the really does help me a lot. ❤

I took some time doing a second workout this evening. I will now spend the rest of the evening (night**) talking to friends.

I hope your day was good, goodnight! 


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