Twenty (1) facts about me 

Here comes 21 facts about me that you may, or may not, know: 
– I need glasses, I’m nearsighted but I always use contacts- all day everyday.

– My English is better than my Swedish, I definitely prefer speaking English & I hate how I need to change from language to language

– I don’t trust many people

– I can really judge others too much sometimes….

– I think too much about my Instagram feed, but it doesn’t show & my feed is currently a mess anyways, love life

– I love babies and cannot wait until I have my own little family (there’s currently the cutest baby ever, next to me)

– My fave school subjects are social science & the language classes

– I’m not a fan of maths & physics

– Since I’ve come to India, my bed times are something between midnight to 1 o’clock in the morning… the time difference to Sweden & Zurich keeps me up, because I talk to my friends. Whom I miss too much…

– I absolutely hate the subject music. Music is a huge part of me & my life, but I just cannot stand the actual subject. It might be because I’m such a bad singer & it’s overall just a boring subject

– I really want to learn Italian & Spanish

– I have no problem to say what I think. I’m quite honest about everything

– Since I’ve come to India, salads are literally my one & only fave food

– The thick traffic queues in India are TOO annoying, I am way tired of them

– I am so proud of my two youngest siblings who basically are fluent in English now, they didn’t speak that well before but hearing & talking the language 24/7 really do make a difference. My oldest little sister was already fluent since a long time back, same with me

– I cannot stand food or dishes that tastes too fat, so to say. Like pizza, I don’t like pizza since it always contains so much fat, that’s disgusting. I really don’t have a problem with actually eating food that contains fat, I mean avocados are the best things on earth, but dishes that are all oily, cheesy or overall have a lot of fat, are not my favourite

– I love sushi so much

– I don’t like soft drinks, because I cannot drink the sparkles, I don’t like them

– I absolutely love planning outfits, putting it all together with the clothes, makeup, accessories & shoes. Fashion! ❤
– Before, summer was without doubt my favourite season. Now, my favourite season are the seasons. Like summer, fall, winter & spring.
– I hated India at first. Or actually I didn’t, form the very beginning I was fine with it. When I realised I have to be here & I am unable to go back to Zurich & dance, I hated it. It’s fun how so many things can change in such a short period of time. Right now, I love it. Some things still annoys me to death, but I have a lot of fun with my friends here & that is very nice !

I hope you liked these facts about me, maybe you know me a little bit better or maybe it was just a repetition for some people. 
Enjoy your day, don’t forget to make the most out of it! 


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