The only difference between a good day & a bad day, is your attitude !

Good evening everyone!

This morning was a bad one; It started by me waking up in a room with the pollution level a bit over 200 (“very unhealthy air, should limit the exertion”). Looking out the windows didn’t make anything better. I then realized the air was so bad that you couldn’t even see what was in front of you. It was very early in the morning, & I had breakfast, got dressed & ready to go to school, where I would meet up with my ballet friend, only to face the fact that I wouldn’t be able to go- some minutes before I was supposed to leave. Having one driver but several places to go, on all different spots, doesn’t always workout. Therefore I wasn’t able to see my friend or do another great workout with her…

The good part of my day started out at the place where I do physio, around midday. First we had an appointment with the doctor & then I directly started an hour physio session. We, me & my mom- who had come with me to hear what the doctor had so say, went to school when the physio was finished. There, I had a great caesar salad for lunch (standard) & I later met up with friends from high school before my family & I went home again. This evening has been spent packing for Zurich, Skåne, Sigtuna, Stockholm & last but not least- Dubai. I am leaving tomorrow night! ❤

The meeting with the doctor was all good. He was satisfied with the progress & told the physiotherapists that we, from now on, can start having sessions in the, so called, “spine room”. In that room there are several machines which you work with, they all are focused on building good & essential strength for your spine. Half of my session was spent doing the regular stuff, while I spent the other half in the machines. It was amazing! I can really feel how this will build up the strength I need around my spine. I’ll probably be somewhat sore tomorrow as well, which only shows good work! Positive pain.

I’ve now been planning with my family who will need to use the driver & when tomorrow, and I will luckily be spending my morning at my ballet friend’s house, before i head to 2 hours physio.

Now I will spend some time with my cousins, I will travel before them but they’ll leave this weekend as well.

Tomorrow is Friday! I hope your week has been a good one, goodnight 


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