Last evening in Delhi for awhile

Good evening everyone! This is my last evening in Delhi for a little more than 3 weeks… I will actually miss it, believe it or not. I am so happy about going to Switzerland, Sweden & Dubai though. I cannot wait to start my trip…

This morning was spent at my ballet friend’s house, as so many other mornings. I am extremely thankful that I can work with her, I really appreciate it. She’s so inspiring in many ways & has helped me a lot. This workout was just as good as the other ones we’ve done. Around midday, I left her house to go to physio, which I had for 2 hours. I later went home, had lunch around 3 o’clock (such great time, don’t you think?). In the afternoon we all went to Modern Bazaar- a chaotic supermarket in Gurgaon where you can find everything- if you have the patience to take time and look for what you need. There I bought some candy which I’ll give to my friends, who does not want indian candy…?

I was with my friend, who lives in the tower next to ours, after having dinner. I’ve now completed all my packing, taken a shower & got rid of my makeup.

I absolutely love overnight flights, especially if it’s only for 8 hours. You don’t miss out on anything, except a good night’s sleep, but that is totally fine, every once in a while. I am flying in one of my hoodies from PINK, Vicotoria’s secret. That’s literally the warmest clothing I have in India at the moment. Gladly, I have a whole box of winter things waiting for me at the boarding house. Hopefully I don’t die of a cold chock when arriving to Zurich.

I can’t wait to meet all my friends again! ❤ I wish you all a good night & a great weekend. Fingers crossed that everything will go alright tonight, no delays or such things. 


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