Fresh air, fall weather & happy reunions 

Fresh air. Leafs falling wherever you look. Cold wind blowing your hair. I am in Zurich guys! I can breath! I couldn’t be more happy to travel to a country with good air at the moment. The pollution in Delhi is only getting worse & I am absolutely in love with the fall weather Switzerland. Yo u don’t understand the privilege of breathing clean air until you’ve been to Delhi. Right Delhi friends…? 

The 8 hours flight from Delhi to Zurich went all right, we had no specific problems- except keeping our eyes open when waiting to board the plane. I slept more or less throughout the whole flint, only waking up to have some breakfast when it was two hours until landing. At the airport we got our luggages after many minutes of waiting, I then went in to the restrooms where I did my makeup & freshened up a bit. Mom, Tuva & I kissed goodbye as they were heading to catch another train, to go to my grandparents who have two houses in Rougemont, while I made my way to the boarding house. I did recharge my data on my phone as well, that’s an necessity! For all my friends; Until Wednesday you can’t only reach me through my swiss number…

I got to the boarding house a little after 9 o’clock in the morning. After having some snack I put on my winter clothes & head to the school. It was a really happy reunion with my friends. I love them too much! 

I had a great afternoon with George & in the evening we all went out to a party at a friend’s house. I wasn’t out till very late though. I’m not too jet lagged but the lack of sleep from the past days had made me so tired.

I hope you all had a great Saturday night. I am so happy to be back & reunited with my friends again. It almost feels as if I never really left. One month went by rather fast. Take care! 


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