Cozy hotel & ballet feels 

Good evening everyone! 

I am right now in bed, in a hotel, relaxing after a tough workout. The hotel is situated right behind the opera house in Zurich. It is so pretty & I have to say that this is one of the better hotels I’ve ever stayed at, and I’ve been to endlessly many hotels. 

Today I had breakfast with the people at the boarding house. I then took quite some time getting ready, putting on clothes, doing my makeup & such things, before I went out. I picked the tram near the internat, to a big Starbucks at the Central station, where I drank a delicious hot chocolate. After my cozy Starbucks visit, in the absolutely freezing weather, I head to school to watch the girls’ ballet class. I also talked a lot to my teacher, who wanted to discuss some things with me. 

It was really interesting watching the ballet class. The exercises have improved a lot & I can see how the girls have gotten more & less better in their work. One month of hard work does make a difference. My teacher and I had a great conversation before & after the class. She’s so nice & I will meet her over a cup of tea, with my mom & sister, tomorrow afternoon. 

After watching the ballet class, I went to Migros to buy some food (salad, coffee, crackers & waffles, loveee food). In the later afternoon I met my mom & little sister at the main station. Before going to the hotel, we went to the boarding house to take my very last things with me. 

I am spending the evening with my friends tomorrow. I literally already miss them ❤ 

I hope the first day of the new week has been all good, take care! 


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