“Keep your heals, head & standards high” 

Good evening everyone! My last evening in Zurich for quite sometime is soon about to end… I have had a great time & I am already missing my friends lots. 

Today has been a real shopping day with my mom & Tuva- youngest little sister. Makeup, clothes, accessories, food & so it goes on.
I bought a highlighter from Mac, at Manor. In the colour soft & gentle. Such a pretty beauty product & an amazing highlighter (which will forever & always remind me of you, George). I also bought a new Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation, since my other one was finished since long ago & you can’t get it in Sweden nor India. At Tally Weijl, I bought a set with a black chocker & a ring. I also got myself a black scarf, to be fully prepared for the cold winter in Stockholm. As if I’m not already freezing to death here in Zurich…

Mom, Tuva & I had a cozy lunch at Manor, between doing a lot of shopping. We also bought some clothes, but those will be Christmas presents so I won’t tell you anything about them now.

In the later afternoon, I met with “my ballet teacher” which I had at Tanz Akademie Zurich. We talked for around 1.5 hours & it was really nice meeting her. I then quickly went in to a Migros & I grabbed some kind of dinner, before heading to the boarding house- where I met with my friends. We spent the evening together. ❤

Tomorrow I am flying to Denmark, then I’ll drive from there to south of Sweden, with my grandparents who also are in Switzerland now. All while mom & Tuva are heading back to Delhi. I’ll spend the Thursday with my grandma & then the weekend, including Friday, at my best friend’s house. I cannot wait to see her again! And I cannot wait to visit Sweden after so many months abroad!

I hope you all have had a good day. Mine was great but I am not the happiest leaving my friends for however long time it will be. I am sure we will keep in good touch though. I love you guys! 

❤ ❤ ❤

Good night, sleep tight! 


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