1 day 3 cities 

Switzerland Zurich. Denmark Copenhagen. Sweden Lund. 3 cities in 1 day. Good thing I love traveling as much as I do. 

I didn’t wake up too early this morning. Around seven maybe. I realised the second I opened my eyes that the cold I got the other day has really hit me hard. Completely blocked nose, heavy head & a burning throat. Not too fun. Mom, my sister & I had quite a relaxing morning though. Cozy breakfast, some packing after getting ready & then we were good to go. We got to the airport at 10 am. Met up with my grandparents 15 minutes later & were boarding the place two hours after that. I kissed goodbye to my sister & my mom as they were heading to another gate, to go back to Delhi (Pollution time!), while I fly to Sweden with my grandparents.

It wasn’t as funny to come to Sweden, as I thought it would be. I went in to the supermarket, Ica, & heard a bunch of people talking Swedish. First I was like; “Wait, they are Swedish, that’s cool!” Some seconds later, and I realised “Oh right, I’m in Sweden. Everyone is Swedish you stupid human being.” I accidentally walked in to a person and said “I’m so sorry”– in English. Like what? I wasn’t too thrilled seeing the candy and all the delicious Swedish food either. Weird… I even found myself trying to revert the prices into a different currency, before I realized this is actually the swedish krona. Stupid me.

Here comes some nice moments from this weekend.


I am currently in the south of Sweden, in the city where I was born in: Lund. The flight to Denmark from Zurich took 1.5 hours & then it was only a 30 minutes drive until we got here. It’s such a cozy place & I absolutely love my grandparents’ apartment. I stay in a room of my own & will sleep here two night before I spend the weekend with one of my best friends. I miss her lots! 

My grandma and I made a really good dinner: salmon & pasta with hollandais sauce and carrots & avocados. Healthy & really tasty. This is a typical dish that we always eat in Sweden. It was so delicious! 

I spent the whole evening talking to a close friend of mine. We talked for over 2 hours and it literally felt like 2 minutes. I also went out for a 40 min walk during that time. I’ve missed the feeling of being free & being able to go wherever, whenever. It’s so weird to be in Sweden again, after so many months abroad…

Tomorrow I’ll visit a big shopping mall here, Emporia. I can’t wait!

I hope your day was a good one. I also hope that I will get rid of this annoying cold as soon as possible. I can’t workout when I’m not even able to breath! Well, well… At least my back pain is so much better and when this cold is gone, I will work harder than ever before! 


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