Food, long walks & talks 

Hello everyone! 
If you are having a bad day; Smile to yourself and remember things will get better! Enjoy life love ! 

I started out this morning with a workout, after eating a delicious breakfast (scramble egg, avocado + sandwiches). I then spent a little time organising all my stuff (yep, I did bring a whole bunch of things unfortunately, my only excuse is that I am actually traveling for quite some weeks though). Grandma & I later went out for some hours. We walked around the cozy city, had a super good lunch at a small restaurant & visited my auntie’s office. My aunt is a lawyer and has her own firm, seeing her office was very nice.

I got to my friend’s house, Agnes, in the afternoon. We’ve had a great time so far, taking power walks, buying candy, watching horror movies, eating sushi & catching up on a whole lot of gossip from both of us. Tomorrow, we are planning on starting the day of with a workout, to later have brunch at a raw food restaurant & then do some photo shooting.

I hope your Friday night was a good one, spent out or at home. Enjoy the weekend, good night!


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