I don’t give a fu*k looking cute in the winter, keeping warm is my only mission

Good evening guys! 

Agnes and I are currently watching Gossip Girl, we’ve just come home from a nice dinner at some friend’s house. Today we have been working out, shopping, done face masks & a whole bunch of other things.

We were planning to start of the morning with a pass at the gym, but changed our minds as we found out that it was this big exhibition in town today- an exhibition where the choices of the different high schools are shown. We walked around there for like an hour,  not because I was in need to know anything- but because Agnes will apply for the gymnasium (3 last years in high school, Swedish system) this year. It was really fun though, seeing all the different alternatives. Sometimes I wish I would forget about my dancing dreams. Choosing a regular high school would be so much easier in many ways- but no. I want to dance & I have to dance, it’s my life and my every reason to be… 

We had a great lunch at Joe & the Juice, in the Emporia shopping mall. We also bought two face masks & the Sephora store, which we later put on in the evening.

The weather here is a mix between winter & fall. It is absolutely freezing. Very pretty though!

I hope you have had a good Saturday, take care! Good night! ❤ 


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