Delhi Update; Winter walks equal breathing clean air

Good evening everyone!

In case you haven’t been totally off track on social medias lately, you probably have seen the many news about how horrible the air in Delhi is at the moment. Since after Diwali, it hasn’t been this bad in over 17 years… Awful…

When the pollution levels didn’t make it down under a 1000 (where numbers from 300- 500 already are super dangerous), people got really worried. Breathing that air for a day equals smoking 5 decks of cigarettes. Imagine how bad that is for the lungs. The city stopped all the contraction places, forbid burning garbage, closed some schools for three days & put water on the streets to make it less dusty. But I mean, India is a country that does whatever it wants, I can hardly believe any of that really happened. Right now, the air in Delhi & Gurgaon is much better though, still not good though but at least not as bad as before.

The air is not only the thing that has gone bad in Delhi at the moment. To prevent corruption, India suddenly decided to forbid all the 1000- cash, to instead exchange them into 2000- ones. They wanted to take away all the thousands of fake cash that are on the markets, everywhere. Imagine this chaos when the huge population all of a sudden needs to go to the banks. Everyone, at the same time, now. Unorganized chaos, is something you can sum that up with. 

Anyways, I’ve had such a great time with Agnes (and her family) this weekend! It’s funny when you realise we’ve been friends for all our lives. Even our dads knew each other when they were in high school. We both lived together in New York when we were smaller as well, how fun? Anyways, time spent with this family is always a good time spent but I am now, after a one hour train ride, in the house of my grandparents.

Random fact about me: I love to walk. Long walks, short walks, average walks- just overall walking is a nice thing to do. I would probably say that my favorite weather to walk in, is this one; A bright sunny day, frozen ground with only a little snow, separated in different parts of the edges of the streets. In these days, the air is absolutely wonderful, rather freezing but it is so fresh & gives such a lovely feeling to breath. To a person that haven’t been inhaling the pollution of Dehli, in India, this might be a weird thing to read about. For me, I appreciate every deep breath I can possibly take, I love the feeling of the cold air going trough your nose & down your lungs. How it fills your body with absolute freshness. Sounds a bit weird though, doesn’t it…?

Sometimes you don’t know the value of a specific thing until you’ve experienced the opposite. 

Appreciate breathing clean air if you have the possibility to do so. Appreciate having a roof over your head, access to clean water & money to survive the day with. I know people who haven’t. 

Stay beautiful!



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