Ugly outfits, late mornings & no schedule to keep up with…

Aka– 1 sentence that describes the way I act when being at my summer house, on the country side. Ugly outfits? Because literally no one sees you. Late mornings? Because no schedules to follow.

New flash! Today I, me Moa Andreasson, slept all night until 9.30 in the morning. I was so surprised when looking at the time on my phone, next to the bed, & saw how it didn’t show something between six or seven, but nine. Absolutely unbelievable. I always, no matter what, wake up early- but not this time- it was a good feeling though.

As I am sure you all already know, I am currently not in any school- I will be after Christmas though (so no worries, I haven’t skipped the whole education thing in life). Instead, I am now only focusing on healing my back: working out everyday, doing physio & strengthening my body. I’ve also put a big focus on what I eat & feed my body with- it is after all the most important in life: what keeps you alive. I have definitely cut down on the amount of sugar & candy I used to eat everyday. Not because it would make me fat, since my body rather loosed weight than gaining, but because it’s not healthy. That happened quite unconsciously, due to the fact that the candy in India isn’t good. Nowadays, I barely have any cravings for candy or such sweet things- which is good. I do also think about getting all the right nutrition in to my body. Carbs, fat, vitamins, proteins & so on. I eat scramble egg every morning (lots of proteins), with two avocado sandwiches (fat+carbs). Of course I do eat some cookies, cakes & candies every once in awhile, but definitely not as much as before. I am also trying to put on some weight- to get healthier and stronger as well. Love food!

After this mornings, healthy ;), breakfast, I did a quick workout & then head to the dentist with my grandma. They gently fixed the little gap between my teeth: my two top front teeth have always had a gap between each other. I got this filled up, to look like it wasn’t there (because I literally hated it), some months ago. Lately it started to come off a little. Not very visibly, but it was a good thing to get it fixed anyways. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, I took a walk with grandma & later swam in their jacuzzi. Loved it! 

I have no specific plans for tomorrow. On Wednesday, I am flying up to Stockholm (can’t wait!) to stay from Wednesday until Saturday lunch at a boarding school there. Which is where I will begin (if it feels alright) next semester, after the winter break. Then I will be in Stockholm from the 19th until 24th, which is when my dad & I are flying to Dubai. A whole lot of traveling… That’s something I really love though.  

Stay beautiful!


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