5 makeup & beauty tips 

Hello everyone! This post will be scheduled, but right now I’m on the train on my way from my friend’s house. It will take an hour. So I mean, why not write another one of these blogposts then…? I’ve been asked to write more beauty & fashion as well: so here you go! 

Lorac Pro, MAC, Too faced, Urban Decay, Covergirl, the Balm & so it goes on, there are endlessly many great makeup brands out there. Although the makeup is good, it doesn’t necessary mean that the look you create will be a good one. It’s all about finding your own way of using what you have, to make your face look the best- if that’s what you are aiming for. Here are 5 makeup & beauty tips, that may or may not help you creating a better look:

1. If you have dry skin: mix your foundation together with a skin moisturiser. I do this in the winter, to keep my skin moisturised all the way through this cold season. The cold always tends to ruin my soft hands & skin. By mixing the foundation with a little moisturiser- will make such a big difference to you with dry skin. It will feel more like a tinted moisturizer but still give great coverage.

2. If you are too lazy to do your makeup everyday, but still want to look somewhat presentable; colour your eyelashes with a black color (specially for you eyelashes, I use one from Depend for example) – then bend your lashes with an eyelash curler: it will make a huge difference.

3. If you feel like your mascara is starting to dry out: put some eye drops in the mascara tube & run it under hot water from the tap, for a while. It really does help!

4. Applying a little highlighter to the top of your nose does lift up the whole appearance of your face. It brightens the look itself, makes you look both more awake & gives you a glowy finish- without looking like as if it is too much. Try it!

5. If you don’t want the most visible eyeliner ever- use a grey/ black eyeshadow to create the liner. This is what I do for my everyday makeup, it is easy & gives a very settle look.

Remember you are beautiful both with or without makeup. I hope you liked these tips, take care!


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