Back update: Daily workout & honest talk

Hello everyone!

Today I will share some info regarding what’s going on with the back and everything. What my daily workout is, what my plans are & how it feels. 

Honestly, everything sucks. Why did my back decide to break? To give me so much pain that I couldn’t dance, or move. To be the reason that I was told that I had to stop dancing. To have to go back to India. To be left without any school. THAT sucks. A lot. 

To be even more honest with you. It isn’t even 100% that my back will ever heal. Dancers & athletes have healed from this, or at least been able to fully perform with spondylolysis, but it all depends on each and everyone’s own body. I persuade myself everyday, for my back to heal. To be able to fully dance again. To move to music & all day, everyday, to push my body to become better than yesterday. It is a big chance that all this will be possible, just not 100% sure…

I am currently waiting for results from real x-ray experts who are looking at my x-ray photos, to later be able to honestly tell me wether I can dance- or not. I will found out this in only some days & I am sooo nervous about it. If the doctor tells me that it will be able to heal- that it is possible to dance with it: I will do it. I would get strong, healthy & a better dancer to start another dance school next year. If I am told dancing  wouldn’t be good for my back, body & future: I would be as sad as I was when I was told that the first time in Zurich. I would continue to study & to do physio with the only goal to heal; not the become a dancer. I still believe that dancing is possible for me, until I’ve gotten the final answer. I work everyday & can see progress with the pain as each day passes.

When I work out/ do my rehab, I start by a little warmup to get the body awake, warmer & to warm up the joints. Rolling shoulders, arms, leg swings, getting the hips in move  & so on. All in a gentle way & not doing any extreme movements. When it comes to the strengthening exercises, this is what I do:

Leg dips: 20 times 3. In the same position- going with the legs from side to side: 20 times 3. Crunches with the legs in a 90 degrees pose: 50 times 3. Single leg bridges with arms off floor: 20 times 3. Lunges backwards: 20 times 3 per each leg. Plank pose going forwards & backwards: 1 minute times 3 or 5. Push-up position twisting the hips from side to side: 1 min times 3. Side plank: 1 min times 3. Push ups against a wall both arms: 1o times 3. Push ups against a wall one arm: 10 times 3.

That’s mainly what I do. I have a whole different workout for my feet as well, which I do everyday. These exercises are mainly focusing on building up the strength around the center, core & hamstrings.

I am currently at a boarding school in Sweden & I will be here until Saturday lunch. This is where I will begin next semester, after the Christmas break. I will read the economy program in english. At the same time, I will be able to do physio at least 3 times a week, as well as practice ballet in Stockholm.

If you are injured at the moment I definitely understand what you are going through. It sucks, doesn’t it? Well, all I can say is to take care of your body, your should & your mind. Surround yourself with people who make you happy.

When one door closes, millions of others open. 


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