Happy reunions & loads of good food


Hello everyone & happy weekend! 

Today was the last day of the trial days at the boarding school, in Sigtuna. I met up with my dad in the earlier morning, we then had a meeting with the principle at the school- discussing future plans. I had a great time at these past days & I promise to tell you all about it in a blogpost that will be up by tomorrow. Anyways, after the meeting my dad & I drove to my cousins house, it’s situated quite nearby the school. Then I got driven to my friend’s grandma’s apartment- where I met one of my best friends, Rut.

It was a really happy reunion with my very missed friend, who I haven’t seen in almost half a year! We spent the day together, and I will stay in this apartment with her until I leave. We had a very good & cozy day; catching up on gossip, making the world’s most delicious dinner (peppers filled with rice, meat, zucchini, tomatoes topped with cheese & spices) & just hanging out- appreciating spending time together. The recipe of the dish we made for dinner has already been questioned several times, since I posted photos on my snapchat story: @ Moaoaoaoa. I will write the recipe & what we put in it, on the blog later on.

Rut & I went to school in the afternoon, so I got to meet my other close friend as well. All three of us will spend the day together tomorrow. It is really weird being back in Stockholm & to visit the school again… I am so happy to be with my besties again though, I’ve missed them heaps.

I hope you’ve had a great week & I wish you a productive, cozy & an overall good Sunday!


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